Saturday, December 24, 2016

I Have Never Been 57 Before

But that is what I was when I woke up this morning. Seems like only last night I was 56. I have lived now five  years longer than I was counting on. My retirement plan was based on getting killed by a horse at the age of 52. I figured getting killed by a horse would be a good way to get remembered. About the only better way to die would be to get assassinated and I do not qualify for that.

2016 has been a special year for me. Ended it with a new daughter and a pair of Ossabaw hogs. (of course the daughter is the best part)

2017 should be even better--several foals coming beginning in the spring--nearly twenty acre land addition for the program's use. new water system in place,knowing that we have in place enough unrelated breeding stock for a foundation herd for the Corolla off site breeding program, being very close to having the infrastructure in place to turn our horse lots into institutions of learning the way and....playing more music.

Our program will be better next year. I will too.

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