Monday, December 19, 2016

Care About Colonial Spanish Mustangs? Then Sign Up For The Great Distance Derby Sign up For the

Sorry for the lack of notice but sometime good ideas hit me at the last moment. The Great Distance Derby is a wonderful way to track the miles that you ride and to let others see your mileage. You will likely find that recording and posting this mileage will cause you to ride more and that is a huge benefit in itself. Here is  the Derby site

Read the rules closely--don't ask me for more information contact them directly with your questions. Enroll you and your horses whether you call them Spanish Mustangs or Colonial Spanish Horses. What better way to show that our horses are perfect trail horses, perfect family horses, perfect distance horses than for the top miles nationally and regionally to be garnered by our horses?

It is easy. It is super cheap. It gives us a great way to make waves.

Sign up now. Let's make 2017 the Year Of The Colonial Spanish Mustang.

Lets have every registry work together to get this done. Deadlines are short--move now. This could really be great for our horses.

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Dianne W said...

That looks like a great thing to be part of. You do need a GPS device to participate. I was saddened by the emphasis they found it necessary to put on people behaving civilly.