Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Control of A Horse Cannot Be Purchased

You cannot use pay pal to buy trust. No bit, however expensive, ever trained a horse.

Control of a horse cannot be purchased, but it can be earned. Control of the horse comes from understanding his fears, perfect consistency in pressure and release and, perhaps most importantly, never, ever, puling back on the reins, even to the slightest degree, when the horse is moving forward in the direction and speed that is desired.

It is that simple. The whining and hand wringing that comes up constantly on this question on horse forums has become very tedious to read.

The horse that bolts does not trust his rider.

If that rider has not spent hours with the horse, simply standing around in the pasture, walking the horse through a myriad of obstacles, and teaching the horse that he is safe the horse will have utterly no reason to trust.

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