Friday, October 21, 2016

When I Need A Farrier... can be hard to find someone that has what I am looking for in terms of experience, philosophy, and professional training. Daddy trimmed professionally for over fifty years. I did my first paid farrier work when I was 11 and continued trimming for years even after I became a lawyer. I can be a bit particular in how I think the horse should be handled and how the hoof should be shaped. I want someone who can safely, gently handle my horses.

I want a farrier who understands horses--who can apply natural horsemanship to calm and humanely handle an aggressive or terrified horse.  That means more than reading a book--I want someone who is experienced in every aspect of horse handling--training, riding, and teaching.

Ideally I want someone with experience handling wild horses. Successfully handling and trimming a wild horse makes it that much easier to trim a dead broke, bomb proof horse. I want someone who understands why the wild horse is successful in its environment. I want someone who can look to the wild horse's never trimmed hoof for what it is, a model of health to be aspired to by every horse owner.

I want someone who is experienced, but I also want someone with real professional training both in the class room and at the right hand of those who have done the work for years.

Making it even harder to find the perfect farrier is the fact that I need a real athlete to be strong enough to trim rock hard mustang hooves and tough enough to do a dozen horses on a hot July day.

And, of course, I need someone who is dependable--someone who will show up on time and get the job done efficiently.

Well, I got lucky. Jennifer Hill, of Hill Farrier Service here in Smithfield, fits the bill. She does first rate work.  She works hard and travels all over Tidewater. Anyone looking for the kinds of things that I need in a farrier will find that she fits your bill too.

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