Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Rumble In The Jungle

Muhammad Ali was about to enter the ring to fight the much younger George Foreman for the heavy weight championship in 1974.  His locker room was filled with gloom. His team of long time supporters and ring crew showed the wear that months of hearing the constant drum beat that Ali was too old and Foreman was too strong--that Ali would not simply be beaten he would be humiliated, had played on them.

The scene was described as like being in a morgue.

Then Ali picked up his head, looked over at Bundini Brown and said "I'm goin' dance. I"m goin' dance." Brown repeated the refrain. Soon the entire locker room was filled with chants of " You goin' dance!"

Ali took on George Foreman and took back the heavy weight Championship of the world in that fight. He danced.

Stitch is a Corolla stallion about ten years old. He is filled with fear and anxiety. Gentling him and training him to saddle had seemed like an impossible task. The progress that my youngest daughter, Ashley Edwards, made with him in 72 hours is beyond anything that I have ever seen with a scared horse. I wish everyone who is interested horses or people could see what is happening.

When Ashley gets in the ring with Stitch I never know exactly what is going to happen--but I know one thing for sure ---They goin' dance! They goin' dance!


George W said...

I have been simply amazed at the connection she has with him... - Lloyd

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