Sunday, August 7, 2016

Taking A Vacation

Yesterday some of my big girls  told me to take a vacation. I once enjoyed a vacation-a trip to Boston--ate either sushi or lox multiple times every day--went to JFK library and walked where the Minute Men assembled at Concord--best of all, nothing bad happened at home while I was gone.

As best I can recall that is the only vacation that I have ever had that was a net plus.

They want me to take a vacation because they think that I need a rest. I appreciate the sentiment, (I really do, no sarcasm here), but I do not find any peace through rest. Working to the point of exhaustion and beyond is my friend--it makes sleep possible.

I do enjoy the occasional bit of sleep.

I find a bit of peace when riding deep in the woods to the point of complete exhaustion. I find significant peace when gentling scared horses. The only thing that brings complete peace at this point in my life is music--playing music the way I hear it in my head--when I play it that way I actually  feel it (like a physical sensation) strongly under my left ribs. That sensation  spreads first to the left side of my body, then the lower right and eventually up to the right side of my head.  When I feel that I am truly on vacation.

To a lessor extent I can find some peace sitting here and listening to music that drives truth home--The Carter Family, Gram Parsons, Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Blaze Foley, Ralph Stanley,Levon Helm, The Band, Guy Clark, Emmylou Harris--they make a nice vacation for me.

My computer tells me that it is now 8:56 am. Been sitting here writing and listening to music since just before 3:00 am and I have enjoyed this vacation.

Now it is time to go feed up, sow some fertilizer, train a horse a bit and then put two little girls on formerly wild horses for their first ride in the woods.

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