Saturday, August 6, 2016

On the Trail of Solid Training

Just a list of the horses that we have trained well enough to ridden in the woods over the last year. Horses in bold print had been ridden at least once before they came to us. The remainder on this list had, to my knowledge, never been ridden and many were not even halter trained when they came to us.

Zee--Choctaw mare
Mozelle--Choctaw mare
Monique--Choctaw mare
Little Hawk--Corolla gelding
Black Elk--Corolla mare
Nemo--Galiceno Gelding
Corn Stalk--Corolla stallion
Scoundrell Days--Grand Canyon stallion
Niachi--Chincoteague gelding
Trouble--HOA  foundation

And we have introduced many new riders to training horses.

People do not really grasp what it means to be told that we teach novices and children how to tame and train, both born in the wild and born domestically. Some people assume that it means that kids learn to watch me train their horses.

As I look over this list three very important things come to mind:
1. I have never ridden a single one of these horses.
2. It is highly likely that I have forgotten to list a horse or two from the past twelve months who can now be ridden in the woods on trails.
3. No horses or kids were injured during this training. (Injured meaning requiring medical attention).

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