Monday, July 11, 2016

The Mind Of A Marsh Tacky...

is right in line with the mind of a Corolla or a Choctaw--calm, easy to teach and with a strong need to bond closely with people.

The Marsh Tacky is likely very closely related to the Banker, though taller and leaner built than nearly all Bankers. The few surviving Marsh Tackys have been bred domestically for many generations. This accounts for some of the difference in appearance.

Consider this yearling filly. We acquired her from D.P. Lowther's herd in South Carolina. She had minimal handling. Of course she was not trained to lead at halter. That took about twenty minutes for her to learn. She accepted a saddle on her back in about another twenty minutes. (Of course she will not have a rider on her for a very long time. The more that a horse can learn as a yearling the easier the transition to being ridden will be.

She will be an important part of the foundation stock that we use in the Corolla off site breeding program. In a few more years she will be bred to a Corolla stallion. That offspring will then be bred to a Corolla/Shackleford intra-strain cross. From then on straight Corollas will be bred into future generations.

If you want to be part of this breeding program contact us now--we will have several foals born in 2017 who will be looking for homes with families who will continue the effort to stave off the extinction of this historic strain of Colonial Spanish horse.

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