Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gwaltney National Homecoming 2016

Another year and another big weekend at the horse lot--The Gwaltney National Homecoming, a nationwide family reunion where descendants of Thomas Gwaltney, who arrived in America in the 1630's, will return to the land where our family began. About six miles through the woods from the horse lot was the first Gwaltney land grant.

Our horse lot is on Gwaltney land. It was the farm of my grand father, Horace Gwaltney. Friday night we will pay music at the event. Saturday morning many participants will be out at the horse lot and on Saturday afternoon Gerald Gwaltney and I will present a program on the life here in World War II.

This weekend is a great illustration of the educational aspect of our program. Just one more thing that makes us unique.

(Spicer, a Spanish Colonial Goat is shown above along with a great shot of last summer's riders and our toaco arn.)

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