Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Weeks Are Getting Very Full

Our program started small and now the schedule has grown into Monday night music,Tuesday night horse training, Wednesday night-Night Ride, Thursday night horse training, Friday programming all day including the Veterans program, Saturday Riding and lessons from 9-3:30, Sunday afternoon,two big rides--a hard ride and a slow ride at the same.

And this is just our regular activities and does not include any of the near constant special things that go on. And, we are a non-profit breed conservation 501(c)5 with no paid staff. Everything is done with volunteers as we work to conserve the nearly extinct Corolla Colonial Spanish mustang and other rare strains of these historic horses.

A lot can grow from something little.

Look at these two pictures. Of course the top one is of Ta Sunka Witco in the James River. But the other is of an awkward looking little adolescent horse----also Ta Sunka Witco.

Looking at where he started out it is hard to envision what he grew into.

The same thing is true of our program.

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Dianne W said...

Actually, looking at where he started out it is not so hard to envision what he will grow into. The basic structure of a good horse is there beneath the fur and foal belly.