Thursday, June 9, 2016

Expanding the Corolla Offsite Breeding Program

In recent weeks we have had a great deal of interest from those wishing to participate in the off site breeding program. This effort to prevent the extinction of the Corolla Colonial Spanish mustang uses formerly wild Corolla horses who are selectively cross strain bred to other strains of Colonial Spanish horses in order to restore the genetic diversity that has drifted from the small wild herd over the years.

This is Valor, a Corolla mare. In short order I plan to breed her to Wanchese, our Shackleford stallion. She will then move on to the care of a new participant in the off site breeding program for the birth of the foal in 2017.

We have also had very strong interest from breeders as far away as Illinois and New York. The best hope that these horses have for survival is for this program to continue to expand until we have at least twenty breeding bands across the nation.

The horses are self promoting. When people see how gentle, loyal, athletic, smooth gaited, and healthy these historic horses are they understand why we put so much work into preserving them for future generations.

                     A picture of Wanchese, our Shackleford stallion who will be bred to Valor.

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