Thursday, May 26, 2016

Turning Pro: Lydia Barr Horse Training

Over ten years ago, Lydia Barr started riding with me.  She quickly learned to ride and she has learned to train horses as it should be done---slowly. She has mastered natural horsemanship and is a first rate trainer both of the horse who has never been handled and the horse that has not been ridden f in years. She handles the aggressive horse and the terrified horse with the same patient hand.

And now she is being paid for her work. Lydia has taken on several clients over the past few months and is doing first rate work with the horses. In this picture she is working a 12 year old stallion who had never been saddled.

This was nothing new for her. She has been working and riding stallions for years.

And she has a great supporter documenting her sessions. Wendell Whitehead took this, and many other, beautiful pictures of her work. Whether it is starting a horse or helping a problem horse, if your horse is in Tidewater Lydia Barr is a great resource to make your horse happier and easier to handle.

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Becki Wells said...

I've been following Wendell's posts on FaceBook. The work Lydia is doing is amazing. ..but I'm not surprised. She has learned to do things the correct way and has put into practice the lessons she learned at Mill Swamp Indian Horses. Congratulations Lydia!