Monday, May 30, 2016

Our Foundation Herd For The Corolla Off Site Breeding Program

This post is less to inform or entertain than it is simply to document the core members of the foundation herd for our Corolla off site breeding program. Other posts give information about how one can participate in the program. Simply search "off site breeding program" on this blog for details. Pictures of the horses listed below can often be found by searching their names in a similar fashion. Briefly put, the wild herd of Colonial Spanish mustangs of the Banker strain that is found north of Corolla on the Outer Banks of North Carolina faces genetic collapse and teeters on the brink of extinction. Horses are listed according to strain and sex. A few horses fit in more than one category. Those who share a common letter after their name are "closely related" (meaning that they share at least a known grand parent). Please note this list does not include horses that we have produced and placed with others over the years through the off site breeding program and are available for  use for breeding.

Corolla stallions

Manteo A
Edward Teach
Corn Stalk
Poncho B (1)
Stitch B

Corolla mares
Baton Rouge A
Polished Steel B (1)
Black Hawk B

Choctaw and high percentage Choctaw Mares

Monique C
Mozelle   C
La Primera D

Shackleford Stallion

Shackleford Mare

Marsh Tacky Mare
Hickory Wind ? (she may be sterile)

Grand Canyon Stallion
Scoundrel Days D

High percentage Grand Canyon Mares
Janie D
La Primera D

This is a large and varied foundation herd. To over simplify a bit, Corolla stallions and mares are bred to those listed in other strains for the first generation of breeding. The offspring of those pairings are to then be bred to other Corollas to whom they are not closely related.  A future generation of that line could then be bred to a strain listed above not in its lineage to bring further diversity to the program. That offspring will then be bred to a Corolla not closely related.

As can be imagined this is a long term project. If enough other breeders join in and maintain even very small conservation bands of these horses they will be preserved.

So far this summer I have bred Corn Stalk (see above) to Zee and Persa. Over the summer and fall I plan to breed four or five more mares.

Contact us now to reserve your 2017 foal and to become part of the effort to preserve these historic horses for future generations.