Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Expanded Programs Beginning Next Week

We are going to make Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays after work a new part of our program beginning next week.This is an exciting expansion made possible by the dedication of several volunteers.

Wednesday nights we will have a night ride that will leave the tack shed at 7:00 pm each Wednesday night--weather permitting--arrive in time tack
your horse and be ready to leave at 7:00--once again we have fallen back into a pattern of it taking way too long to saddle up.

On Tuesday nights and Thursday nights beginning at 6:00 pm we will focus on horse training. This is not to be used as an opportunity for kids to simply come to hang out, nor is it an opportunity for kids to come and ride while training is going on. It is for the actual training of horses and the opportunity to learn to train horses.

These sessions are not training demo's or clinics. This is an opportunity for participants to train horses and to learn to train horses. Lloyd will over see the Thursday  night sessions and Lydia will over see the Tuesday night session. They will be assisted by Jen and Elise and Rebecca when their schedules permit.

The training coordinators will be teaching ground work, amusement park, and despooking, driving, and teaching a horse to stand comfortably to be saddled. We won't get on the horses under training except for nights when I am present.

These expanded programs are offered at no charge for all program participants--you must wear boots and helmet when training. Check emails to see if a given session has had to be cancelled because of weather or another reason.

Participants in training will need to notify Lydia and Lloyd and me each week as to when you will participatek so we will know what size group to plan for.

Only certain horses will be used for training. Remember again that the purpose of these sessions is two fold--to have more riders understand natural horsemanship and to get more horses safely under saddle and in the woods.

The only horses to be used during the first several weeks are:

Polished Steel, Black Elk, Jessie, Rolling Thunder,Monique, Mozelle, and Zee. No other horses are to be used during these sessions.

Later in the summer I want to begin advanced riding training for the horses that we are well started under saddle but need to learn lightness and gain a sense of security. This training will be done under my supervision and while riders will be encouraged to participate and learn, we have to keep in mind that this kind of training requires a pretty experienced rider.

We have many solid trainers at our horse lot. I asked Lloyd and Lydia to be coordinators for these sessions because, aside from having a great deal of experience in how we train horses, both are very good at explaining and teaching.

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Horses are so majestic. These programs sound interesting!

Greetings from Germany :)