Sunday, April 17, 2016

Always Consider The Source

I came upon a great set of suggestions for those new to the world of Colonial Spanish horses that Vickie Ives recently wrote.  All of it was great, solid information. One point hit home the hardest.

If you are not completely familiar with these horses when you obtain your first one please make sure that you only get your information on the care, training, and abilities of these horses from someone who knows the horses inside and out.

Even well intentioned owners of modern horses will give the worst advice imaginable. They will tell you that your horse is too small, too thin, too narrow chested, too "weak in the hindquarters", too shaggy....You might even be told by those who have never seen the ambling of gaited Spanish Colonial horses that your horse is unsound or lame.

Although these horses are rare, so rare that in most parts of the country a veterinarian has never seen one, there are great sources available to the new owner of one of these historic horses. The first place to start is on the web site of the Horse of The Americas Registry. The HOA has many knowledgeable members who are great resources for all of your questions regarding these horses.

In a world where the amount of misinformation dwarfs the amount of reliable information, be sure of the quality of your sources.

(Here is a shot of Terry and Twister, a Choctaw Colonial Spanish Horse, going over a small jump.)

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