Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saddle Training

Minimal writing done lately on every level--even emails. Try to answer everything same day but last week I was behind 44 emails. A lot going on, net negative but....

I have been in the saddle although the weather has been difficult. Cancelled the entire weekend of riding because the ground is rock hard frozen and jagged in many places--bad stone bruises waiting to happen. In the last 44 days I have ridden over 250 miles.

That's right far if you are fifty six years old, over weight and are your county's deputy prosecutor. Everything must be done as time efficiently as possible--ride from 7-8 each morning to be able to get into the office on time, use intense Tabata protocol instead of time consuming cardio work--eat fast while standing up and/or moving, get up very early--drink 1/2 pot of cooled coffee (can drink it much faster if it is not hot)--remember microwave ovens are great for thawing frozen food until it is soft enough to be chewed and time spent folding and unfolding clothes is time not spent in the saddle--do not spend time brushing all of your teeth-just touch up the ones that you really use. Do not waste time on the phone saying "hello", "goodbye" or "I love you." Over the course of a lifetime one saves months by simply deleting this time wasting practice. Do not iron wrinkled shirts if the humidity is high. Instead put the shirt on, wait until you begin to sweat a bit and then inhale deeply and flex all muscles of the upper body--hold that pose until the wrinkles are eliminated.

Reduce amount of time spent washing hands by washing one hand every other day. Waste no time buying batteries for a three thousand dollar hearing aid that allows you to better hear words that are not worth ten cents.

These time saving tips can change you life. Not only will you have more time to ride, but you will have more time to fume while waiting for other people to be on time.


George W said...

Grandpa had a high dollar hearing aid...he said the best thing about it was the ability to turn it off.

DianneW said...

I think you will find that you need all of your teeth.
Time spent saying "I love you" is never wasted.
I recommend pairing socks. I find I spend less time going through all of the socks once and pairing them than digging through them to find two that match and are the appropriate color everyday.

Anonymous said...

Liked your ability to get away from ironing!! Not sure it would work for everyone - especially this time of year. Humidity is a bit low up here (NY)