Monday, February 29, 2016

Riding For Your Life

The month is wrapping up--lot of bad weather that kept me out of the woods more than I want to-January and February are usually our worst two months for weather related program cancellations. However, in the last 60 days I have now ridden 365.94 miles. Time consuming but seems to be doing good things for my health. This weekend was the only really rough time that I have had with it--rest of the riding has just been no real problem-this weekend had heavy back spasms not related to riding and spent 12 of 36 hours in the saddle. Expected to be in pain this morning--but feeling pretty good.I want to keep this intense regimen up for a year and look at raw numbers on its affect on my health. I think that it is going to bear out that intense riding is as transformational as intense aerobics--with the added benefit of the emotional connection with a horse

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