Sunday, February 28, 2016

And Chris Rode Zee in The Woods

Zee is a cremello Choctaw mare named for the wife of Jesse James. She came to us as a beautiful athlete with a foundered hoof.

Chris is a kid who is the size of a man. He came to us shy and quiet.

Zee was halter trained, gentle, but pushy with no idea where she fit in this world.

Chris was a kid who did not recognize his own talents and had no idea where he fit in this world.

Zee had a veneer of not caring but in truth she feared everything new.

Chris had a veneer of not caring but in truth he feared failure more than he feared anything else.

Zee did not think she could do it but Chris taught her to wear a saddle.

Chris did not think he could do it but he taught himself to play the wash tub bass and perform on stage.

And Chris took on the training of Zee as the first horse that he lead into the world of riding. He worked patiently with sound principles of groundwork and taught her confidence through despooking. He gave her confidence by teaching her that he could control the situation. He gave her confidence by showing her warmth and affection.

And she put him on the ground. And he got up. And she put him on the ground again, this time harder. And he got up. And Hugh built on the training that Chris gave her and took her for a short ride.

And yesterday Chris rode her deep in the woods,off the trail, into the swamp where there is no trail. And she trusted him. She went into the mud because he asked. And she went into the deep water because he asked. 

And now she is a new creature.

And so is Chris. 

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