Saturday, January 9, 2016

For Your Breeding Program

Corollas, Choctaws, Shacklefords, and so many other historic strains of Colonial Spanish horses teeter on the brink of extinction. Breeding these horses and getting novices involved in riding them is their only hope for the future. It is a tall order for lifelong members of the established horse world to  be able to recognize the value of the small horses upon whom this nation was built. It takes a strength of character that too few people exhibit to do so. That is why bringing novices who are not crippled from the weight of carrying such baggage into horse ownership is so important.

Natural horsemanship, natural horse care, and natural hoof care give us healthier, happier horses who are affordable for working families.

Bloody Knife, the little filly shown above, will soon be going to a new home in Carolina where she will grow up to be part of the network of breeders that work to prevent the extinction of these horses. Poncho, is growing into a beautiful Corolla colt and will be a stunning stallion. He awaits placement with a family or a breeder that will keep him as a stallion, and train and ride him so that he becomes an ambassador for the breed and the sire of scores of foals over his lifetime.

Contact us if you want to raise yesterday's horses for tomorrow's riders and  be part of preserving this integral part of America's history.

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George W said...

If those people had ridden Scoundrel Days yesterday...they would be flocking in line for a shot at owning Poncho...I suspect Poncho will be as sweet or sweeter than Scoundrel...but will be a trail monster.
I rode Poncho's uncle...little thunderbolt...and worked with his daddy...big thunderbolt....and working with his mama...tough, sweet mare, intelligent and growing wise.

This is a good, solid line of well evolved horses.