Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Profound and Deeply Complex Importance of Simplicity in Horsemanship

I was a religion major at William and Mary. I studied Neibur, Moses Maimonides, Luther,Calvin, and my young mind pondered the mystery of it all--trying to understand, searching---probably was a good exercise for a young intellect.

But now I am much older and I do not understand and I am no longer searching. I realize that if ever could find the answer I would not understand it anyway.

My theology is simple, rooted in the Letter of James and the stories of Jesus--real Jesus, walking around on the ground Jesus, fish eating Jesus, laughing Jesus, loving Jesus, healing Jesus, caring Jesus and doing what was right regardless of the consequences Jesus.

I can't figure out how to live from reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer, but when the Carter Family sang "The Orphan Child" it seems very clear to me how I should live.

The quest for truth through simplicity applies to most aspects of one's life.

It certainly applies to horsemanship. Most of the disinformation out there has two things in common--it makes money for someone and it frustrates efforts to build a meaningful relationship with one's horse.

Here is everything that one needs to do to create that meaningful relationship:

1. Understand what your horse needs and why he needs it.
2. Give him those things
3. Ride your horse.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 daily and repeat step 3 every time one possibly can.

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