Friday, December 25, 2015

Amongst the Zillion Things That Young People Will Never Understand... how delighted I am to see Ethan and Ghost Dance working together. I have let this horse down over the years and never gave her the training that she deserved. Ethan is doing a great job of learning how to think like a horse and it is working wonderful for the two of them.

She has produced three foals over the years, among them Lydia's horse, Owl Prophet and Bear Coat, who now wears an English Saddle and jumps over tall poles.

Actually I am not as big of a fan of blood lines as many horse breeders are, but all things considered, my strong hunch is that over the next decade or so Ethan will end up producing me a  first rate grand child or two.

Merry Christmas to everyone--especially Ashley and Ethan.

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