Wednesday, December 30, 2015

American Indian Horse Registry Member of the Year

And she sure earned it. She has driven to New England, Texas (several times)and Florida to help preserve the rare strains of Colonial Spanish horses and to make some little girls' horse dreams come true. She has very courageously leapt into Bacca preservation and is continuing to bring natural horsemanship to people who whose lives will be transformed by the experience.

She has been an important part of our program for years and now she is doing exactly what I hope to see scores of others do--throwing herself into breed conservation. She is working to develop a Bacca strain conservation program.

If you want to understand a bit about Kelly Crockett look at that picture above. El Rosio came to us as a 15 year old stallion who was kind and good hearted but untrained. Kelly had never taken a horse from scratch and trained him.

A fifteen year old stallion--and there he is, returning from his first ride in the woods.

And she trained that horse.

I am often asked if I really believe that we are going to be able to stave off the extinction of  these strains of historic horses.

The answer to that question is in this picture.

Congratulations, Kelly Crockett, AIHR Member of The Year.

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