Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pot Luck--So Much Better Than No Luck At All

Now Ashley recently hit me with a great idea. The success of our program depends on many factors but one of the most importance is cohesiveness and a strong feeling of being a participant in something bigger than one's self. That means more than just showing up to ride.

Of course, we have need of many things to maintain everything that we do. Tack, organic fertilizer, wire, wormer, water tubs, pitchforks, reins, blankets, pads, rope halters, nails, staples, roof sealant, bags of 2-1 mineral, helmets and slews of other things that I do not think about until I need one.

We have a beautiful fire pit that the kids put together near the tack shed. The older kids love being around a fire at night. (so do the little ones). Ashley told me to have a pot luck dinner/bonfire/playing music at the tack shed event in October for our riders and our guests. But this potluck dinner will be different

I am to provide all of the food. Guests will not be asked to bring a dish. Instead everyone is asked to bring in affordable things we need such as those that I set out on the list above, which is not at all an all inclusive list. Riders can join in with other riders and purchase a larger ticket item.

We will have the event in a few weeks. (I will post the exact date later today).

We will have a great time and will get some much needed supplies.

Stay tuned.

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