Sunday, September 27, 2015

Even Super Horses Can't Flourish In Dangerous Environments

Can That Pony Carry Someone My Size?

I should not make assumptions when people ask for my advice on equine issues. For years now when people have asked if a Corolla can carry an adult I have explained that of course they can. I tell them about Tradewind, the wild Corolla stallion shown above. He was captured because he was absolutely crippled with founder. It took a year or two of good natural trimming to make his feet completely comfortable for him. In 2011 he carried me over 200 hours on trails with the vast majority of those hours being spent trotting, gaiting, or cantering. He had no problem and still does not.

I weigh over 200 pounds. In a few hours I will saddle him up for a nice two hour ride that will be at a more leisurely pace. He loves to get out and be ridden in the woods.

So of course, I have always explained that, yes a Corolla can carry adult riders with no problem.

Only this morning did it occur to me to put a very important caveat in that assessment. A Corolla who lives under conditions of natural horse care can carry an adult with no problem.

I am not suggesting that a Corolla who is forced to spend time in a stable, allowed to become overweight, forced to wear shoes, and fed horse feed or grain could do so.

Our horses live outside 24/7, eat hay and forage, never enter a stable and never wear shoes, and as a result they are startlingly healthy. I am not suggesting that a Corolla who was forced to live a life of stables, shoes and sugar would be any healthier than a modern horse who is forced into that lifestyle.

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