Sunday, August 9, 2015

September 2015: Our Busiest Month Ever


We will take our educational mission to its most intense level during the month of September. The only chance that these nearly extinct strains of historic horses have is for people to understand how they fit into the history of this nation while also seeing how easy they are to train and how comfortable they are to ride.

In September we will have another month long session of our highly acclaimed four part program, "Introduction to Natural Horsemanship." The cost is only fifty dollars for the entire program for individuals and only seventy five dollars for families. The program will teach the methods that we have been using for over a decade to tame wild horses and to start young, untrained horses.There is a limit of twenty participants in this program.The sessions will run on Saturdays from 2:15-4:15 beginning Sept 5 and going on for the next three Saturday's at the same time.

During the same time, on the same days we will teach "Introduction to Trail Riding." The classes are geared both to complete novices and those who have not ridden in years. It will start at the complete beginning--properly leading your horse from pasture to tack shed (one of the least understood and most important interactions one has with a horse) on into proper saddling , maintaining control, developing consistency in cues, conditioning techniques for both horse and rider, and on the last of the four sessions we will take a ride in the woods. The cost for those entire sessions is only $50.00

For more information on either programs email me at

Our last September program is a unique blend of history and horsemanship and entertainment and education. Beginning about forty five minutes before sunset we will have a great round pen demonstration illustrating how we apply natural horsemanship to tame and train wild horses. As the sun sets guests will walk over to be seated in our replica 1650's era farm site. As they sit there among rare colonial chickens, goats, hogs and horses they will meet a costumed character from the 17th or 18th century who will regale them with true stories that show just how thee horses fit into the history of the Southeast.

There is no charge to attend that program. We are a 501 (c) 5 non profit and we will accept contributions during those programs.

This is going to be a very heavy month. I hope that as our program continues to grow we will look back on September of 2015 as being the time that lead to our greatest expansion. We now have the horses, livestock, expertise, and historical setting to grow into a first rate educational program in addition to being a cutting edge breed conservation and riding program.

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