Saturday, July 4, 2015

A New Birth Of Freedom

If there is happiness in conforming to convention I certainly have never found it. Perhaps I just did not give mindless conformity enough time. I had given up on adhering to the rules and beliefs of others before I ever entered the first grade.

When I realized that every Christmas morning Santa Claus was tricking poor children into thinking they must have been bad or they would have received more Christmas gifts, I decided that he must really be one sorry S.O.B. I never did want to sit on his lap and invite him to pass judgement on my behavior.

I do not recall ever being interested in appearances, only reality. The reality is that natural horsemanship makes better horses and better people. The reality is that natural horse care makes horses healthier. The reality is that we have yet to come up with any structure more damaging to a horse's physical and emotional health than a stable. The reality is that horses are now kept so obese that founder has become the number two reason for adult horses to be put down.

The reality is that the established horse world is great at sucking cash from the pockets of horse owners and utterly fails in every other regard.

The freedom to act in accordance with your horse's best interest only begins  when one realizes what a naked emperor the established horse world is.

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