Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Weight: When Annie Puts The Load Right On Me

"Do you ever regret throwing your entire life into the horse lot?", is a question that I was asked recently.

I did not have a good answer. I do not generally second guess decisions that I have made, with a few exceptions. I deeply regret having gone to law school. I should have been a high school history teacher.

Otherwise, pretty much what is done is done.

Even if I did consider such questions, this would not be a good time to do that. For the past six months I have been doing my regular job plus handling nearly all of the prosecutions in a neighboring jurisdiction as a result of the disability of that county's prosecutor. An injury has kept Terry out of the horse lot for quite a while and I am not longer greeted in the morning at the horse lot with Attila's huge smile.

A constellation of events have caused me to spend less time riding in the past six months than I have for many years. Riding is my main exercise and, therefore, the key to my physical health. And I am not as healthy as I am when riding hard. And, of course, I am surrounded by people who do not understand the implications of their actions and statements.

And yes it does cost me a fortune to keep this program going, but that is not a big deal for me. I really don't have anything that I would like to buy except for somethings for the horse lot like a tractor, and artesian well.

Last summer may have been the best summer of my life--riding and playing music and writing--all summer long. Perhaps what I miss the most is playing music.

However, the rational part of me kicks in and I can't help but realize that in four days Rebecca will be living locally again. Elise likely made it into the area yesterday and will be a great intern for me. I have another intern coming in in July. It rained hard last night. My grass needed it--serves as a reminder that even after a long dry spell the rain does come back.

But sometimes I wish I could just play a little music and lay down with my grandchildren and watch History Channel.

Things like that take a lot of the load off.

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