Friday, June 19, 2015

I Once Saw Some Quarter Horse Yearlings Who Were As Pretty As Average BLM Yearlings

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If there is money to be made from it, the established horse world does not need to wait until a horse is grown before working to give it an unhealthy lifestyle. The article above explains why it is a bad idea to replace milk and forage with sweet feed for young horses.

Years ago I went to trim two quarter horse yearlings. They were lean, slick and beautiful, built neither like Arnold Schwarzenegger nor the Michelin Man.

In fact, they looked like horses--specifically yearling horses.

The owner was apologetic for their appearance. He explained that they lived out in the big pasture and that he had not been feeding them a lot of sweet feed. He went on to say that their father was a super star halter horse.

It seems that the owner of that stallion had seen the yearlings and had a fit--even said that he would not allow his stallion to breed anymore of the owner's mares.

He did not want people thinking that that was the kind of off spring his stallion produced.

Humans claim to love the beauty of nature, yet we are perfectly willing to trade natural health for ever changing whims about beauty--like binding little girls feet in china, using toxic makeup in Europe, or hailing anorexic models as paradigms of beauty.

Grass, hay, water, sunlight and exercise are the hallmarks of proper horse care.

Sugar, shoes and stables are the hallmarks of mindless conformity to the dictates of the established horse world.

(Ta Sunka Witco at about three years old--a healthy, happy Colonial Spanish horse, is shown above.)

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