Sunday, June 28, 2015

Do You Really Want To Solve The Problems Of The Horse Industry?

 The old model of little rich girls playing horsey and riding around a sandy ring is not working. The horse as recreation has too much competition.

But the horse as a path to moral growth, emotional healing, and ethical development has no competition. Riding in circles in a sandy ring does not bring the growth, healing, and development that springs forth from the practice of natural horsemanship.

The picture above is several years old.

 A rough looking crew of bronc stompers! That summer me and this crew trained seven horses and one donkey to the degree that each equine could be safely ridden in the woods.

All this was done without a single buck. No horse, nor donkey bucked.

More riders--more horse owners--more families in which several members ride horses--riders who understand horses--riders who understand the importance of natural horse care--riders who love horses and loath the established horse world--these are things that will serve horses well.

But they will be of little use to the horse industry.

I care nothing for that industry.

I do care about building something akin to a horse ministry--where the goal is to enrich lives, instead of enriching agribusiness.

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DianneW said...

I know I am way behind reading the blog and no one else will see this comment,but I really like this post.