Sunday, June 14, 2015

An Old Post About a Young Goat

I Want to Ride In Geronimo's Cadillac

My daughter and her husband Jake grow and sell produce  as Browder's Fresh Pickin's here in Tidewater. They like to do things as natural (and as efficiently) as possible. They have a chicken pen that has been idle over the summer and is over grown with weeds. It would be a bit of a job to hoe it clean.

Instead, this morning Amanda came over and picked up Spicer, my rare San Clemente Island billy goat, and delegated the task to him. Though we have a wide range of modern conveniences, we are without a goat transport system.

We had to improvise.

Spicer was looking good this morning riding through Smithfield on the back seat of a Lincoln Town Car. His only previous riding experience had been in a Durango, which demonstrates the adaptability and versatility of a fine Spanish goat.

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