Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Parade Time Coming

Saturday we will set out before the sun comes up and ride through the woods and down the highway about eight miles to Smithfield. We will then line up and move out in the Smithfield Christmas parade.

We have been training hard for it. We have been leading and then riding the horses through a gauntlet of wild noises and sights. Riders and parents have been standing along the rive way beating buckets, waiving blankets, jumping up and down and yelling as we rode through.

The horses are ready.

After we arrive the confused whispering starts. "Weren't most of these wild horses? Did kids really train them? Can they really ride fifty miles in a day with no problem? Wow-is that a stallion? A horse that small can carry an adult? But they are all so beautiful--and gentle--how can that be?"

That is why we are in the parade. We will show several thousand people Saturday what these horses can do and I hope that we will leave many of them with other questions on their minds.

"How can we possibly allow such amazing creatures to go extinct? What can I do to help? Where can I get a horse like that?"

(Picture shown above is a rare photo of Lefty splitting for Ohio on the very day they laid poor Poncho low.)

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