Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Coming Home To A Place He's Never Been Before II: The Grand Canyons

Next week Kelly will be making another long distance trip to bring home another super rare lineage of Colonial Spanish Horses, the Grand Canyons.

This is Scoundrel Days, a very high percentage Grand Canyon stallion. He will join our Corollas, Choctaws, Shacklefords, Marsh Tacky,Baccas, and Spanish Mustang Registry horses. He will be accompanied by his mare,Queen Jane. He looks like a nice cross for Persa, a short backed Shackleford mare.

Future posts will tell a bit about the history of the Grand Canyon Horses. In fact, I look forward to learning what it is that I will be writing.


Dianne W. said...

I am pleased to read that you are getting (a) Grand Canyon(s). Is Queen Jane a Grand Canyon too?

Steve Edwards said...

She is also a Grand Canyon