Monday, October 20, 2014

Do Not Let Your Horse Hurt Your Feelings

People often allow their horse to negatively impact their self image or allow them to loose their elf scontrol. Good horsemanship boosts self image and self control.

The horse that is hard to catch is:

1. making you angry because of his insolence
2. making you feel hurt and rejected
3. a horse.

Number three is the only answer that is either accurate or helpful. Don't fall into any other trap. Instead, spend time working with your horse on sound strategies to teach him to be caught. With diligent, hard work at such training you can be assured of producing a horse that....

....still will have the occasional episode of not wanting to be caught.

If you want a relationship with an animal that you can catch with the slightest of exertion every single time consider snail or slug ranching. Slugs are easily caught and even as an older person you will find that you can out run even the most rambunctious snail.

This is Croatoan from a Christmas parade a few years ago. On occasions he was difficult to catch. I shed no tears or tantrums over those occasions and we both lived to a ripe old age.

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