Saturday, September 6, 2014

Jen Hill And Manny

Sacred Man is a young Choctaw of considerable promise. He came to us 6 days ago. Less than a week of being outside 24/7 with good grass hay and some grazing settled him down a lot. Friday morning several of my little girls worked him in the round pen and gave him a heavy round of de-spooking.

Jen arrived and I told her that if she felt that he was of good mind for it she could get a hackamore and pursue the matter further. She reassured him wonderfully, one step at a time, foot in--foot out, 1/2 mounts--then mounting , then riding, and even trotting a bit.

Jen might have been the best person to take on the task at that moment in the horse's life. She rides with light, gentle hands, is a calm confident rider, and is in first rate physical condition. There was a word uttered that his horse had significant bucking ability.

Such a horse needs a rider with strength.

Jen is the best young farrier that I have encountered. She understands natural horsemanship; which means that she understands horses. It is a lot easier to put a good trim on a horse that one does not have to fight while seeking to trim/treat/improve/heal that horse's hooves. Farriers like Jen don't fight horses.

She does great work, trims many of the horses in our horse lot, and helps train several others. If you have a horse in Tidewater Virginia you should be in touch with her.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone at Mill Swamp! I had not heard back from Kelly on how Manny did on his trip down. But I was not surprised that he is doing well . He had a good start there but the young trainers got stuck on his bucking habit when he is not ridden weekly. Good Luck with him. I too, believe he has great potential . He is sweet loving and a good mover. Thanks for taking him for Monique. Joanne at Total Equine Learning Center , Mech, Pa.

Anonymous said...

Jenn's a G

Anonymous said...

Jen does prettier and more conscientious work than anyone I have ever seen trim a hoof...including some very prominent names in the industry.