Friday, July 18, 2014

All The World is A Stage

A kid that can handle a horse in the round pen and handle themselves on stage can handle much of what life will throw at them. My riders can ride. They can train. They can teach.

And some of them can perform.

The first step to achieving any worthwhile goal is to believe that one can do it. The next step is to work hard at it.

The most important step is to refuse to give up. Kaleb is playing guitar with a cast on his broken left hand.

Kaleb and Ashley have been working very hard. Ashley is learning to complement her voice with an autoharp and Kaleb is learning to make his guitar work with her voice. They train as hard as high school athletes in a weight room, every time looking to get the song just a little better.

Last night they gave another first rate performance. Lydia and Jen came out to see them.

For many of us life has only two modes--performing or hiding.

These two are not hiding.

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Pvuchetich said...

What a wonderful viewpoint to start youngsters off in life with! :)