Saturday, May 24, 2014

For The Record--The Horse of The Americas Registry

No horse registry has been as supportive of the efforts to prevent the extinction of the Corollas as has the Horse of the Americas Registry. All the way back to 2008 they lead the expedition of experienced Colonial Spanish horse experts resulting in the conclusive report that the wild horses of Corolla and Shackleford were, in fact, Colonial Spanish horses and not an ad mixture of other breeds. The picture of my riders riding some of our herd of Corollas and Shacklefords shown above was taken at an HOA national meeting several years ago.

The HOA keeps a data base of Colonial Spanish horses from several of the registries that register such horses. It is one of the greatest services that they provide. This morning I learned that one of our mares, of Cayuse Ranch heritage  became the 6,500th horse added to that data base. I was delighted that Snow On Her's registry caused this bench mark to be met but I am still rattled by the fact that there are so few horses around from each strain of Colonial Spanish Horse (Spanish Mustang).

The candle is not blown out, but it is still a candle. With the continued hard work of those involved in the preservation of these horses the candle will become a flame, then a torch and finally a beacon.

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Anonymous said...

The folks at the HOA do the critical and unglamorous work that keep our horses well documented. It is not easy work, and often thankless. But here it is..THANK YOU!
I might be a bit biased where Snow on Her is concerned, and might be a wee bit too wrapped up with her..but then that is sort of the thing in the world for a horse, a secure and healthy environment to live, and someone to love them to distraction...I am flat crazy about that big mare..she is a real sweetheart, I am proud of her heritage, I have been fascinated by my study of her forebears...she comes from some mighty fine stock, but she comes from stock that much of the horse industry would not look twice at...their loss, we shall simply get down the trail together and continue to work together to extoll the virtues of the Spanish Mustang, to anyone who will listen.
I walk the pastures at Mill Swamp almost every day, I stop and touch, and talk to every horse that places themselves under my hand, I know their personalities, and quirks, I generally know where they stand in the herd, and will often pay a little more attention to the junior will build their confidence. I have walked among some very expensive and "well bred" modern horses...and they are interesting, all of them, I don't take anything away from the Quarter horse, Thoroughbred, Arab (love my Bitsy too!) Andalusian, Freisian...whatever...But I have yet to encounder horses as gentle, intelligent, or personable as these little mestenos..No matter, the strain, Banker horse, Cracker, Choctaw, Western mustang...They are the perfect horse for the family quadruped, the 4H kids, Conquistador, Comanche, or Cowboy, to steal a line from Ian Tyson..
Yep..The folks at the HOA now, and the folks that started it all when they fell for the wild horse..they know a great thing when they see it...come on and get on one, they will charm you and ensnare your heart with their gentle natures...We need more folks to keep mustangs, train and grow with them, we need more folks raising a clamor to keep the wild herds free in the face the greed and indifference that would cause their destruction...come on and ride with us, and we will show you the back of the next hill...then you can go see the one after..just you and the horse...then..maybe you can show your neighbor how to do it..wouldn't that be something? -Lloyd