Thursday, May 8, 2014

1.5 Corollas

This is a shot of The Black Drink, the first stallion produced in the Corolla off site breeding program. He is the son of Tradewind and Baton Rouge. He is at Boys Home in Covington Virginia, along with two mares that form their satellite offsite breeding program.

The picture also shows a partial shot of Quannah Parker, the son of Croatoan and Cynthia Parker. He is a 1/2 Corolla. Though stunningly beautiful half Corollas with modern breed lineage are not used in the effort to build up a domestic herd of Corollas sufficient to fight off extinction.

From this angle one can see the narrow chest and well developed barrel that is part of the package that gives the Colonial Spanish Horse both his endurance and smooth gaits.

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Anonymous said...

He sure seems to have gotten the best traits of both his parents. The world needs more of these. It needs more satellite breeders too.. foals coning in '15 -Lloyd