Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Breeding Season

It is time for decisions to be made. I have to decide how many mares to breed for the Corolla offiste breeding program and to whom they will be bred.

My small Marsh Tacky mare, used to bring in a bit of genetic diversity to the program, might be a good cross with Croatoan. I like his heavy Spanish head. Her face is a bit straight in  profile. Feather might be a great out cross with Edward Teach. If Persa is not pregnant I would likely cross her with Tradewind. Wanchese, a Shackleford, will be a nice cross with Wendy's filly. Secotan and Manteo is a cross hard to beat.

Perhaps---Swimmer and Cyclops.

The resulting foals will be used to fight off the extinction of the Corolla Colonial Spanish Mustang. Now is the time to let me knowif you wuld like to be part of the off site breeding program and would like to start with one of these 2015 foals.

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