Saturday, April 12, 2014

Opening Day

Attila is energetic, hard working and enthusiastic. I am not used to having boys who ride who are like him. Modern life does not bring these qualities out in boys today.

Yesterday he started his first day of working with the horse I assigned him to train. He did a great job with Twister, a beautiful bay Choctaw. He worked him from the ground and on his back.

They are going to make a great team.

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Anonymous said...

Attilla tickles me..he bounced up and asked me what it was that I was doing with the pole in training Snow on Her, So I explained a little about la garrocha and Doma Vaquera, and scampered up on Snow to show him..
Twenty minutes later he had hauled out tack and was saddling a horse..
"Where ya riding to, Attilla?"
"Going to try with the pole." was his poker faced reply.

And so so I helped was not thrilled about it, but we got through it. I bet Twister will be fine with the idea. -Lloyd