Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Trailer and Truck Are Gone

And they are going further from home than I have ever been. Jen and Kelly are venturing into Texas to bring back a super little filly, owned by a super family, whose father is a super stallion who was trained by a young lady who is on the road to becoming one of the best mustang trainers in the nation.

I am especially honored that this young lady wanted one of her fillies to be part of our program.

They will also be bringing back a beautiful young mare to be part of the Corolla offsite breeding program.

This is a very big and very exciting time for our program. You can follow the progress of their trip on the Mill Swamp Indian Horses group page on face book.

They will be getting back just after the first family arrives this spring to spend a weekend with us learning how we do things with an eye toward developing a program like ours in Northern Virginia.

And the picture above tells a big part of our story. That is Edward Teach, a formerly wild Corolla stallion, who came to us with a wound in his neck, likely caused by a wild hog, big enough and deep enough to put a baby's face in. Now all that is left is the little bald scar that you see here.

He is ridden every weekend and loved every day. He will be the father of Corollas that we raise here as part of the Corolla offsite breeding program. We have six formerly wild stallions from the Outer Banks of North Carolina that form the foundation of our effort to prevent the extinction of these horses.

If you want to become part of this effort to preserve one of America's oldest and rarest distinct genetic grouping of American horse let us know. There are many ways to help in this effort--from acquiring a foal to becoming a full fledged off site breeding program satellite.

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