Tuesday, April 8, 2014

He Is Ready

Peter Maxwell and Ashley, the team that has created such a boom in interest in our program, are ready to hit the woods. Very soon she and I will take him out on his first trail ride. We will take it slow and easy. As he has gotten older he has taken on his father's, Edward Teach--a Corolla, temperament. That seems to happen with all of our half Corollas--eventually they settle in to complete relaxation with a personality that simply asks, "Where do you want me to go now?"

Early predictions are that:

1. He will conduct himself perfectly and have a great time.
2. Ashley will smile so hard and for so long that her teeth will become dust bowl dry.
3. I will be very pleased to see two more lives coming completely together. (There are few things better than having the horse that you trained happily trot through the woods with you.)

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