Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Family Horses and Horse Families

Serious readers of this blog know about a young lady in Texas named Brooke Sims. She is a serious young horse trainer who gets results by understanding horses and causing a horse to want to make her happy. Her entire family is active in the effort to preserve Colonial Spanish horses. Their farm, Lothlorian Farm, like Mill Swamp Indian Horses, has been awarded the Keeper of The Flame Award by the American Indian Horse Registry for their efforts to preserve these these rare, historic horses.

This is a shot of their stallion, Blazing Guns, a grandson of Choctaw Sundance, as is my great horse Ta Sunka Witco. Brooke wanted one of his daughters to become part of our program. Turns out that two of his daughters will. Before supper tomorrow night I expect to be welcoming them to their new home.

Along with a young mare named Feather, who is also a cousin of Ta Sunka they will become part of our family.


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to seeing them! This stallion is quite an attractive horse-- I am glad we can have two of his fillies!

Also, anyone else hear a reference to Lord of the Rings in "Lothlorien Farm"?


Anonymous said...

These horses are very significant..In the mustang world, horses descended from Rowdy Yates, or Choctaw Sundance, and Sundowner are sort of like being the offspring of Secretariat, or Bold Ruler...the horses before them are significant, if more quietly so..If one delves into the history of the various registries, and the people who founded them, and the horses they selected as foundation stock, it paints a picture that connects us to our own history..500 years ago the first Spanish horses set foot in the Americas, according to what I have read, the last horse on the continent died out some 8000 years prior to that. The ancestors of these horses were selected from as pure sotck as could be mustered...They ARE America..Just think how many nations of man they have carried.
It is humbling to share responsibility for their care and continuity. It is even more humbling to associate with the caliber of horsemen and women strong, obstinate and persistent enough to maintain them against all odds...Mustangs are gentle and intelligent, strong willed, inquisitive, and they are can find no better a partner.
AM-Yes I did..Not sure the High Elves would be thrilled at the comparison..but they will get over it..

Alicia Sims said...

I am a huge fan of Tolkien. When we moved to the piney woods of East Texas and decided to raise these majestic creatures, I knew that my farm would be My Lothlorien. The girls and I stiill swear, when walking through the back of the property that is still densely wooded and the sun's rays are diffused through the pine needles, that the High Elves could easily find themselves in such a place. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see. Thank you for the explanation. I, too, am a Tolkien lover. I am sure it is beautiful out there. ;)