Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Quick Tip #83 A Strong Horse Is More Comfortable To Ride

Horses build strength a bit different than human athletes. Long distance trotting for a few months followed by working up to lopes of six miles when done several days a week can completely transform the quality of ride your horse gives. Red Feather was always powerful and that is a big part of why his movement is so smooth.

I have been conditioning several horses for an upcoming big ride and everyone of them moves smoother than they did a few months ago, and keep in mind that most of thee horses were already getting more exercise than most horses.

Of course, while doing this regimen you will become a better rider,become much more physically fit, likely loose a bit of weight and gain significant core strength. All of which will allow you to enjoy your improved horse.

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Anonymous said...

That surely the truth..I compare the picture of the first moment I climbed on Snow on Her to the most recent pretty regularly, and it is always a startling comparison. Pick up a horse magazine, or watch RFDTV for a bit, and it will seem that it is an absolute must to feed your horse the latest in supplements and high power feeds in order to turn him into a super horse...
Now pick up a human fitness a fitness show..
See a pattern?
The super horse above, (I assure you he is) lives on a steady diet of hay, grass, clean water and good mineral...and a fairly steady regimen of exhilarating runs through the woods...
The moral? Don't eat junk and get some exercise...who knows? You might just end up as hard bodied as Steve and Red Feather...-Lloyd