Monday, March 17, 2014

On The Horizon

Ghost Dance is special to me for many reasons. The catch is that she is not completely trained. To further complicate matters, the surgeon explained that riding, per se, is not dangerous to my neck. The incidental bouncing involved poses no threat to me. However, he explained that I am much more likely to become paralyzed than would be expected from a serious blow to the region.

He agreed that riding was fine but that I should no longer get on horses that are not trained.

That's ok. I have big girls for that. I can count on them. Samantha just finished taking the most difficult Corolla that I have ever worked with and turned her into a solid trail horse. Lydia (and I suspect Jen) are going to make Ghost Dance safe for me to ride.

I will add her to the small group of horses that I regularly ride.

And the I will breed her to El Rosio, our Baca stallion. And I will produce a foal that can run all the way to the horizon.

And I will turn him over to my big girls who just might ride him past the horizon.

(Ghost Dance, a blm mare shown above)

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Anonymous said...

"And I will turn him over to my big girls who just might ride him past the horizon."

I love that statement. I am without my communication device and pocket brain this week, so I do not as yet know if Lydia got to ride Snow on Her this weekend past..I fervently hope she did, and am dying to find out how she (and she) did..I am sure Lydia can ride anything put under her..she is that good. All three of those young ladies are. Snow on Her and the project of training her has been an important journey for me personally, and while >I< am perfectly content with her, and then some, I feel like a father sending his little girl off to college...I was thrilled when Lydia asked me if she could have "first ride." But "the proof is in the pudding," as they say, I am sure they were fine.
Steve, this week I feel your pain at not being able to ride the rough ones, with my back out..For some reason, I like to mess with the difficult horses..not sure why.
Samantha, Lydia, and Jen..Are just about the most amazing three people I have seen around horses..I don't think there is anything they cannot accomplish among horses...
I look forward to Rosio's offspring..Can't help but be incredible horses.