Friday, March 21, 2014

Everyone Needs Some Big Girls

Ok, technically they are adults and not merely big girls. My age definitions are functional and, I will admit, entirely self centered. When girls are young enough so that I have to look out for them and make sure they are ok all the time--they are little girls.

When they get old enough to help me on things that I need to get done and do so cheerfully--they are becoming big girls

When they do things to help me out that I did not even realize needed doing --those are the big girls. Lydia, Samantha, and Jen went to Chuck's and picked up Ghost Dance for me. She came in the round pen with me and reminded me that I have never had a horse that loved me like she does.

My big girl's are going to ride her until Lydia certifies her as safe for my neck. And then I am going to ride her in the woods, alone for hours like I did years ago. I don't think it will take long to get her neck safe.

Samantha was riding her around the ring bareback within minutes of going in the round pen with her. Only a rope halter on her and responding as light as a trick pony. This is a very big deal. This was a great day to bring her home.

And now I go off for my next clebration. Jake and Amanda had a little boy, Henry Clay Browder this morning and now I am off to the hospital to see him.

And on Monday my daughter Trish and Maurice will have a little girl. Two new grandchildren. Ghost Dance back with me, and riding 109 miles in 24 hours with Terry.

Life is full.

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