Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I do not know if it is true that what you do not know cannot hurt you but I do know that it is true that what you cannot remember cannot help you. I remember with vivid clarity everything from the moment that the phone rang, but I do not remember the previous week. This is not a new development. I recognized while doing the eulogy that I had no memory of the entire previous week. About a year and a half after the funeral I remembered that the night before he died I saw Lido walking down to the Little House. It was getting dark so I slowed down to see who it was. He looked at me and spoke. I spoke back and drove on.

Such matters take control of the calendar. Thanksgiving is no longer coming up. Christmas is no longer coming up. It is the end of December that is coming up. The end of December seems to start coming up around Labor Day and we rush toward the end of December when the clocks fall back an hour. The end of December announces itself loudly to me every time I look out at one of the wild ones that we have not broken yet and allow the thought to quickly flash through my mind that Lido and I need to hurry up and get that horse in the woods. Just as quickly I remember that will not be happening. I remember about the end of December

The Horse of the Americas Registry has set up a fund in Lido's honor that is used to rescue individual Spanish horses who are at risk. On December 29th, send a contribution to that fund. Actually, you just as well go ahead and do it now. The end of December is just around the corner.

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Vickie Ives said...

Lido's Fund has saved many Colonial Spanish Horses--8, that I know of at this writing. When even one of the last CS Horses is given a chance, I know Lido is smiling, Steve. Please give to HOA's Lido's Fund, folks. The good it does is much needed and very specific to Amertica's FIRST Horse.