Friday, October 14, 2011

A New Direction For This Blog

This tree is about to grow another branch. We will continue to advocate for natural horsemanship, natural hoof care, and natural horse care. We will continue to do everything that we can to promote and protect the wild horses of Corolla. We will continue to encourage others to teach natural horsemanship to young children and we will continue to oppose the vacuous,inane drivel that passes for horsemanship among those in the established horse world. We will continue to encourage relationships with horses based on their innate value as horses and we will continue to decry every effort to equate the value of a horse's life with how much money someone would pay for that horse.

However, about once a week we will try to weave in a bit of practical information on horsemanship, training, horse care and equine health issues. I expect that many such posts will be dry and mundane but I hope that they will also be significant. I want to delve into things like preventing hay belly, nutrition for muscle development in young horses, getting full use from a round pen, and getting maximum value from a round bale.

I hope that such posts can be woven seamlessly into our current format. Perhaps even as seamlessly as Emily's hair and Young Joseph's seem joined in this picture.

(Yes look closely. There is a person on that horse.)


DianneW said...

I think it will be a positive change. If you want people to be able to keep horses inexpensively on their own property, this type of mundane information is essential.

Jane Crosbie said...

Looking forward to your new feature. You can never learn enough about looking after your animals well because every animal like ever human is different. Thank you for your new branch. I look forward to reading all your additional health care features. Thank you for taking the time to educate us.