Friday, October 21, 2011

Eqqus Sapiens

We are social animals. Humans cannot be happy without warmth, closeness, and friendship. The perverse irony, and the cruelest aspect of our existence, is that the loss of one who is close hurts much more than the gaining of another with whom one might be close. The result is not merely a zero sum game. That would be bad enough. The result is a game in which we always loose, because the pain of loss trumps the pleasure of gain.

I have no solution, only a strategy. The more people one cares about the more pain one is assured of having. However, the same is not true of horses. The only thing that a horse can do that causes me pain is to die, and that only happens once. The pleasure of becoming close to a horse trumps the pain of loosing one. The result is a game in which we have a chance at winning.

The bottom line is that one must be very careful about inviting anyone into your life that does not eat hay.

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