Sunday, October 23, 2011

Destabilize Your Horse If You Care About Him

Like Joe Camp says, stick with the science of the matter. Another study has come out linking the stabling of horses with increases in incidents of colic. Colic is the leading cause of death of adult horses. The healthier horses in the study were those who remained outside 24/7. The saddest part of this study is that it will not be publicized widely enough. The next saddest part is that it is necessary to do such a study in the first place.

Why doesn't everyone already know this? Because there is no money to be made in telling people that natural horse care works and is the only humane way to care for horses. Stables, supplements, expensive tack and gear--none of these are about horse health. Their sole purpose is to produce income for the hucksters that peddle them.

The Devil invented stables because he could not get horses to smoke cigarettes.

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